Boycott Bodyshop

Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by Comrade, Oct 2, 2004.

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    I looked that the home page and sure enough, these are died and true humanitarian leftist whackjobs like we've seen running Ben & Jerry's and Working Assets.

    But don't panick, B&J ice cream is safe now that the founders have sold off their ruling shares. Whew!

    In other words, their morals say, if a human will die without the need for animal testing screw the human. And these people sell products us humans are expected to smear on our bodies?

    What a load a bullshit! Look at their 'suppliers':

    See now part of the prize money went to:

    Could these same child workers labouring to make bodyshop products!?!

    The ways the suppliers have chosen. hmmm... including hiring children to work for Bodyshop? Isn't that the cardinal sin of the left? Or the left without a business to run?


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