Boy, This Is Getting Stupider, and Stupider!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eightball, Dec 13, 2004.

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    What's it going to be next........"Take Down That Damn Flag, It's Offensive To Me!"

    This country is going P.C. Cuckoo!

    Regards, Eightballsidepocket

    Bush photo at farmers' market causes row

    Councilman :baby: from Lancaster orders picture removed

    The Associated Press

    LANCASTER - A Democratic :baby: city councilman has demanded that a baker remove photos of President Bush from his stand in Lancaster's venerable farmers' market, saying the city needs a "healing period" following the bitterly contested presidential election.

    City Council member Nelson Polite :baby: approached David Stoltzfus last month and asked him to remove the pictures. When Stoltzfus refused, Polite :baby: vowed to pursue a city ordinance that would ban all political items from public places in the city.

    Polite :baby: said the photo offended city Democrats :baby: .

    "I just feel that since it was a close election and the city's so divided, that we should have a healing period," Polite told the New Era of Lancaster.

    After the New Era published a story about the flap earlier this month, conservative pundits from around the nation skewered Polite :baby: as being clueless about free speech.

    Republican Mayor Charlie Smithgall said would-be tourists have told him they will skip Lancaster -- an old city in the heart of Amish country -- because of Polite's statements.

    "They're saying, 'What kind of crazy :baby: people live in Lancaster? We're never coming to Lancaster,'" Smithgall said Friday. "This hurts the image of the city of Lancaster."

    In the earlier story, Polite :baby: said that the photo should come down because "this is a public market" and that the public display of political paraphernalia is inappropriate and divisive.

    "Bush didn't win here (in Lancaster City). It is like rubbing salt on a wound," he said.

    The Central Market, in Penn Square, dates to the 1730s and is the nation's oldest publicly owned, continuously operated farmers' market.

    Stoltzfus, 54, of Lititz, opened the stand with his wife in March 2003 to sell cakes, cookies and other baked items. The Bush photo is attached to the stand portico with four screws. Another photo of the president and first lady Laura Bush sits on a shelf.

    The baker said he is enjoying the attention.

    On Friday, U.S. Rep. Joseph Pitts, R-Pa., stopped by to offer support -- and buy six chocolate-iced eclairs for his staff.

    Other standholders have shown their support by putting up photos of the president.

    "It's fun. People are coming up to me and supporting me. I've been getting letters and phone calls," Stoltzfus said Friday. "Even the Democrats come to me and tell me, 'Don't take that picture down."'

    Regards, Eightballsidepocket :rolleyes:
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    This is more than just being a baby. This is an elected Democrat out to suppress free speech in the public realm. He needs to be un-elected pronto.

    I am not surprised however. Time after time Democrats demonstrate their intolerance for free speech of others who have a different opinion.
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    Methinks that article got posted a few days ago...

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