Border agent’s works in vain.

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    1985 amnesty and Obama’s promise of Immigration Reform with a path to citizenship (amnesty) for 20-30 million illegal aliens in this country have made border patrol agents work in vain. This put their lives in danger of being shot and hit by projectiles thrown at them.

    Rancher killed by illegal aliens and their property destroyed because we do not enforce our immigration laws.

    Obama and his administration and the previous administrations is the blame for the death of the 15 years, who was not an innocent trying to enter this country for a better life. But a common criminal.

    Border patrols and state and local officers put their lives on the line daily trying to deal with illegal aliens and the crimes they commit. While our government is working against them. Obama putting troop on the border is a joke.

    ICE’s work of raids, arrests and deportation is all in vain because illegal aliens are back crossing the border working illegally and committing crimes.

    Those illegal aliens who have lost their live trying to cross the border is because of our government refusal to enforce our immigration, the 1986 amnesty and more promised.

    20-30 million illegal aliens have either crossed the border, putting border patrol agent’s lives in danger.

    Obama’s administration and previous administrations have a special place for them in the deepest pits of hell.

    This nightmare created by our government has got to stop and Immigration Reform will not stop it but only make the problem bigger. So big that the only thing we can do is to open the border. It is so big now that they only way our government know how to fix it is with another amnesty. It will not be “a path to citizenship” a they want us to believe, but full pledged amnesty.


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    Hi Lady:

    Thanks again for all of your work on this Illegal Alien "Hiring" Problem going on everywhere in the USA.

    You are talking about the 1986 Amnesty Law (Wiki) that includes guarantees of this NEVER happening again. Simply helping an Illegal Alien obtain the appearance of legal working status is a 5-year felony, which means any legislator writing new Amnesty Bills is guilty of that crime! Let's get real about the Illegal Alien Invasion and put the Border Guard's situation in perspective:

    There is no sense in standing one Border Guard on our U.S./Mexican Border, when all the the Illegal Alien must do is steal a JOB from a U.S. Citizen to be 'good to go.' Enforcement starts at the WORKPLACE and where Illegal Aliens are living 20 and 30 in one house. THEN fewer Illegal Aliens attempt to cross the border and the Border Guard's job begins to make sense ...


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