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Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by preemptingyou03, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Yes, they cringe at the very thought of how we live, but that is not the reason why they are killing our soldiers.

    Many southerners cringe at the thought of how San Franciscans live when they see a gay pride parade on TV; but they don't pack up their guns and go queer sniping. That's because San Franciscans do not send soldiers to liberate Alabama or Mississippi. If they ever sent a queer brigade to impose martial law and gay rights, then yes, you'd see a rash of anti-gay violence. But you'd have to be a bit thick-headed to think "they are shooting at us because they hate our way of life".

    Oh okay, we are (mostly?) gone from Saudi Arabia. We moved next door. If the Chinese army moved from northern California to Oregon, would we be less than thrilled?

    For a moment, ignore the fact that the Saudi government--not the Saudi people--asked us to station our forces there, when it looked like their corrupt inbred monarchy might be threatened. Then consider that many Saudis hate their government. Then consider the cozy relationship between our government and theirs.

    Or, consider the crippling decade-long economic sanctions against Iraq, which hurt the Iraqi people while (predictably) doing nothing to hurt Saddam himself. You remember that one right? When Clinton secretary of state Madeline Albright was asked if the deaths of thousands or millions of Iraqi children were worth it, she asserted that yes, it was worth it.

    They are not interested in getting us to conform to their ways. They are interested in getting american troops out of Arabia. Ordering american servicewomen to wear a piece of cloth will do nothing about the fact that there are still US troops in the mideast.

    First he asks a question, then he answers himself--without realizing it. Amazing.

    Hmm, you just spent your whole article basically calling Saudi citizens barbarians, so it seems safe to say that you're not too concerned about missles rained down upon them. So if that's not a reason for your concern, I guess that narrows the real reason down a good bit, eh?

    To answer the question though: it's less likely--because the country is a smoldering ruin, not because a democratically elected government isn't interested in wiping Israel off the map. No, if anything, a government that reflects the will of the Iraqi people is going to be more hostile to Israel, and to religious minorities.
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