Black Mask: Celebrity Mission [Archangel Comics]

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    Americans care about civics-folklore (e.g., The Untouchables), so you have to wonder if this new age of 'public-pulpit cotton-candy' (e.g., America's Sweethearts) will spawn some colorful morality folk-tales (e.g., Kick-Ass).

    This celebrity-culture urban crime yarn was inspired by Sin City and The Last Boy Scout.

    Signing off,



    "As America became more and more 'candy-like' with its commercial conveniences (e.g., Wall Street, email, Subway), fashion became more lifestyle-infused, and celebrities threw masquerade parties to celebrate this new era of 'casino-consciousness'."


    "A vile NYC crime-syndicate boss known as Black Mask rose to ominous prominence in the new millennium, using silencer-pistols and chemical weapons to dominate the NYPD. Black Mask circulated silencer-pistols to all his minions, so their killings/assassinations would be 'deadly silent.' His crime-syndicate had established very powerful commerce-circles in NYC. Black Mask wanted to add some 'spice' into the modern equation of lifestyle frills (e.g., Olive Garden, Planet Hollywood, Western Union). Black Mask was the new Al Capone."


    "A deliciously diabolical dame working for Black Mask named Brittany was really the 'muse' of this new age 'sin city.' Brittany was a Satan-worshipper and Black Mask loved her and treated her as his special trophy. Brittany carried a vial of poison which she slipped into the drinks of men her boss/lover Black Mask ordered her to assassinate in her private chambers. With Brittany at his side, Black Mask was the real deal. U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, 'Black Mask reminds me of Al Capone, because his witchy-dame Brittany reminds me of Milady-de-Winter or Belle Starr'!"


    "As Black Mask's minions went about distributing colorful toy water-pistols to the children of New York on Christmas Eve, NYPD Commissioner James Gordon remarked that if a modern-day idealistic journalist/writer cast this cunning crime-syndicate as a subversive force, perhaps in a series of vigilantism-oriented pro-pedestrian comics/editorials, Black Mask would lose its 'underworld allure' and social prestige. Black Mask hated Gordon and distributed these Christmas water-guns just to spite him."


    "A celebrity in Hollywood read one of Commissioner Gordon's passionate pleas to New Yorkers to rise up against Black Mask, published in the NY Post, and decided to contribute a series of vigilantism-oriented anti-crime short-stories to the New Yorker Magazine. This celebrity, Hollywood (USA) movie superstar Tom Cruise, penned short-stories about kids in New York banding together on Halloween Eve, wearing colorful Disney masks, and parading through the streets chanting, 'Quiet the Black Mask'! Cruise's 'folk-tales' became quite popular, and suddenly, Black Mask was losing its New York chic, just as Commissioner Gordon hoped."


    "A demonic underworld 'Emerald Dragon' which was raised up from Hell by the Satanic prayers of Brittany, the evil dame of Black Mask, came up to defy these folkloric New Yorker Magazine written by celebrity Tom Cruise. In fact, Cruise had now already begun his own satellite/spin-off amateur comic-book company called Archangel Comics. Cruise worked with comics-industry guru Kevin Smith and DC Comics writer Len Wein to continue penning anti-crime New York stories about kids rallying against the city's sins. The Emerald Dragon therefore invaded Cruise while he slept and debated with him in a dream...about modern American virtue."


    DRAGON: Why are you suddenly an advocate of New Yorker Magazine?
    CRUISE: I want to make a difference...
    DRAGON: Well, your Archangel Comics will make waves...and trouble!
    CRUISE: Every American daydreams about justice.
    DRAGON: So, you believe America is the den for Eliot Ness and Pat Garrett?
    CRUISE: Yes...and Batman, Dick Tracy, and Dirty Harry!
    DRAGON: Well, once upon a time, 'Americans' were simply prosecuted 'explorers.'
    CRUISE: Those old world days are past, and the New World is now Wall Street idealism.
    DRAGON: You believe your 'youth-crusade' tales in Archangel Comics will promote capitalism?
    CRUISE: I've always been a fan of Planet Hollywood and Toys 'R, yes.
    DRAGON: Black Mask is the paragon of new age vice and the allure of power.
    CRUISE: I dare to defy this crime-syndicate's 'evil grip' on New York's imagination.
    DRAGON: Brittany will always be a 'dame to kill for,' Mr. Cruise.
    CRUISE: We'll see if some creative 'pedestrian vigilance' can undo the tangles of corruption.
    DRAGON: If consumers find Archangel Comics more than just mere rhetoric, I'll cheer for you.
    CRUISE: Hey, celebrities/movie-stars aren't just 'vain dolls.'
    DRAGON: We'll see...we'll see; you remind me of Robin Hood.


    "As Archangel Comics grew in popularity, Black Mask's aura began to dissolve and the NYPD once again began to take control of the city. Commissioner Gordon tweeted, 'Cruise has rallied the public and achieved what I hoped someone in the media would --- democratic passion!' Brittany disappeared, and people in the underworld spread rumors about exactly what had happened to her; there was one rumor she had simply vanished and another that she had joined a vampire-cult in Eastern Europe, vowing never to return to New York. U.S. President Donald Trump sighed in relief but wondered if New York (or some other major American city) would spawn another 'nemesis' such as Al Capone or Black Mask."




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