Bin Laden Casts His Vote With Bribery, Will The Iraqi Insurgents Vote With Blood?

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by NATO AIR, Oct 31, 2004.


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    I am very worried now. Bin Laden has cast his vote for Bush for the world to see (Bush actually fights Bin Laden, leading in Bin Laden's view the world closer to the holy war Bin Laden so very badly wants). Bin Laden tries to bribe the American people with "vote Bush out, take charge of your policy and stop threatening my security and I will leave you alone."

    The Iraqi insurgency would much rather have a Kerry win, due to Kerry being much much more likely than Pres. Bush to pull out of Iraq and give up. Will they vote? Will they strike massively at a US base and slaughter hundreds of our servicemen and women in an attempt to sway the vote Kerry's way?

    I worry much less about Bin Laden's vote now than I do the insurgents. Bin Laden has tried to bribe us, and we won't bite.

    The insurgents may attempt to kill many of our Marines and soldiers, and their vote may well matter on Tuesday if enough Americans react badly.

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