Billionaires for Democrats

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ronpaul2008, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Notice all the billionaires donating to Democrats and supporting their causes? All the big names. Oprah campaigning for Obama, Buffet testifying to promote death taxes, Gates testifying to increase immigration, Soros donating to leftist causes, not to mention all the Hollyweirdos. Something interesting I found out was that all these communist revolutions of the last century were funded by capitalists in capitalist countries. This is something to ponder, why do capitalists fund socialists? For one people desire power, and you can only attain so much power through money. Real power to dominate other humans only comes through force. Governments consist entirely of force. Thats all they are. How much force they have is up to us. Of course its in the interests of people who have control over the force (of government) to increase its power. And its up to the people to be vigilant enough to make sure that force does not become too powerful.

    The sad thing with socialists is many of them promote collectivism believing that it can really work if only they can convince (brainwash) everybody to do it according to their plan. Or even sadder, they think they will be part of the elite who decide whats best for humanity once government gets all the power. But what always ends up happening is that everyone can't agree on the best collective plan for society. Only through the concentration of power and the distribution of propaganda can a plan be carried out. By that time its too late, the people are screwed. Once Hillary and Obamas 'free' health care is instituted, the government will become the number 1 killer of American citizens. People will complain, but the government will introduce a strong propaganda arm telling us how wonderful socialist health care is (fudging facts and convincing other sucker countries its a good idea).

    The middle class is the biggest threat to the elites. It is common for people of the middle class to be extremly successful and pose a threat to them, where it is unlikely for any poor person to do this, they are simply not sophisticated enough. When you see elites promoting programs to tax us to pay for government programs to help the poor, this is their intention. Socialism has been proven time and time again as a failure. Its intention is not to make people equal, its intention is too bring the middle class down to the level of the poor. Its intention is to return the balance of power back to the olden days, dominated by a handful of elites.

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