Bill would allow Government to locate people with tracking devices

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    Measure intended to protect people with disabilities who have wandered away

    Bill Would Allow Government to Locate People With Tracking Devices
    A bill meant to help those with developmental disabilities would allow government agencies to locate people with tracking devices, which has some concerned the measure gives the federal government too much authority and power.


    People never think of this, meaning those who are in a trance often miss what lays right in front of them.
    Many laws are passed for a few reasons , of course they are not isolated to " just " these reasons, but they are often used in order to gain public approval where eventually it fans out to the regular public we just bend over and accept it all because authority said so.

    1. Inmates have been the testing grounds to use this everyone accepted it because why who cares they are convicts. But you see not all convicts nec. should be in prison esp. today.

    2. Save the children by God save those children put them in a bubble . Using kids is another way to get bs laws passed, laws that creep right into every home in America.

    3. The other tester for this " Find those kids RFID CHIPS" ....................... there again kids are used for acceptance. Idiots believe it .

    4. The sell it using what the title says " Find those old people" .

    Your own free will is being stripped before you eyes and most sheep are to zoned out to even realize it let alone care.

    The list goes on but hey either you pick up on these things or continue to deny what is right in front of you and sooner or later we will all be living in a prison planet.

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