Bill Maher, Michael Steele and Jack Kingston

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    Congressman Jack Kingston - First District of Georgia

    Unbelievable show tonight on Bill Maher.

    Bill asked Michael about being behind the biggest Republican victory since 1932 and then getting fired. Steele called it "Republican Justice".

    And Jack Kingston? Man, Bill tore him a new one. I suspect it will be a long time before he goes back on that show.

    It wasn't just the whole "evolution" thing. It was the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, Bush hiding the cost of the two wars, holding the middle class hostage, the apology to BP and all the other things Republicans have done in their war on the Middle Class.

    The entire segment on Climate Change was hilarious. Possibly even more hilarious than Steele on Sarah Palin's intelligence. Poor Sarah, asked a "trick question" like "What do you read?".

    Kingston wants to cut Social Security but votes for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

    Kingston calls scientists liars but feels we should spend more on science.

    Kingston said he doesn't understand why Obama agreed to tax breaks for billionaires but didn't mention Republicans holding millions of Americans hostage.

    Kingston says "adaptation" and "evolution" are "different".

    The entire segment on "Football being socialism" was hilarious.
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