Bill Clinton's regrets and blind stupidity.

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    April 13, 2006, 7:40 a.m.
    Mr. Clinton regrets, &c.
    By Jay Nordlinger

    Did you hear about President Clinton's appearance before the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies? (A report is here Clinton regrets that — despite all his talents and all his efforts — our land is still imperfect. "The idea that I live in a country I spent my lifetime trying to make better, but there's still hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, most of them people of color, who will die before their time, drop out of school, go to prison, never have a chance to live their dreams, is galling and painful to me."

    Yes, and after all Clinton did!

    He continued, "One of the great regrets of my public life is that for all the progress we made in so many areas we are still losing so many of our young people of color, disproportionately African-American males."

    You know, if he wants to do them a favor, he might start by calling them "men," instead of "males."

    But that, as regular readers know, is a pet peeve of mine. (And I picked it up, interestingly enough, from a black leftist.)

    More Clinton: "I don't know how you have a great country that is a beacon of hope for the world, for peace and freedom and democracy, if you let a third of any group of people wind up going to prison sometime in their lives."

    Point 1: If Clinton doesn't know how a country can be great while at the same time being flawed — and having many flawed people within its borders — then he is not nearly as smart as we suppose. Point 2: I'm not sure that "we," or "you," as Clinton put it, are "letting" people go to prison. I think they have some role in that themselves.

    William J. Clinton's narcissism, condescension, and unreason know no bounds.

    But then, I spent the '90s saying that, and why am I back at it, in the Land of 2006?

    Ah How quickly we forget that to the Clintons lies are truth and truth is never mentioned. Kinda miss ole Billy Jeff Clinton. You knew that if he's lips were moving and sound was being emitted he was lying. His "wife" just lacks the certain sociopathological grace that Bill has.
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