Biggest Finding in AP-Gfk Poll: Gap Is Closing Two Weeks Out!

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    The Headline points to a mini-blowout for Republicans two weeks from the elections, but the AP-Gfk data show this:

    "50 percent say they will back the GOP candidate in their House district; 43 percent say they'll support the Democrat. The edge has slightly narrowed over the past month as Democrats presumably have grown more energized."

    Who just stole the energy gap advantage? The GOP Tea Party, anti-American Law, Public-Confusers are losing their caffein-induced, old fat white people high!

    Independent commerical ads in fact point out that because of Health Care Reform, that fat white old people, reliant on MediCare, are now better off because of the National Health Plan. The information gap about the Stimulus may be starting to decline, during the two weeks when the Democrats actually do their campaign. The Democrats actually have accomplishments to discuss, from that time when "No!" was not an option.

    Even after spending all of her vast fortune, GOP CA Gubernatorial candidate Whitman is falling, now, further behind--in what is about 10% of the electorate.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Not all parts of the law are being discussed, however, in the former Colonies part of it especially!)
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