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    This the end of the age of free elections....I would like for one democrat or republician to tell me the differance between Obama or Mc Cain...they are both pro war. Obama who went all through the primary anti war...remeber his stance on Iraqwas pull out re deploy home(the wrong war the wrong place) and Afganistan was the wrong was place...bin laden was a special forces and a diplomatic problem...israel needed to stand on thier his is right in line behind bush and mc cain...the only difference in the two is black and white...obama has lied to all..infact the whole world...when he went on his world tour he said illegal he is ready to fight to the end in the middle east...and so much as said it was time ot invade iran...saying they had 4,000 center fuses and the "they were using thier nuclear power program to build a weapon" when the president of iran last week call for all to disarm...i would hate to be in iran with a nuclear america liurking in the darkness of the middleast...

    killing for peace inading and overthrowing for democracy....all iraqis want us out...we have lost something here as a country...and dont think cause i dont like obama i like mc cain cause he scares me to death himself...we have zero choice in this election...this country need s a third and strong party...they dnc and the rnc has done a great dis service to the nation...thinking obama and mc cain best suited for the job as president of america...

    then we have a msm(main stream media) who dont care they crushed hillary to get obama ...and now we have an unqualified dem and a mainic rep my opinion anyone who loves this country could not stick up for either of these guys(as presidential) or thier parties and president pickers...

    but if yall want to go ahead...
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    Your Imagination


    Lighten up man. Grab a brew if you're over 21... It is going to be o.k....

    This is America, god damn it! Haven't you heard? We're at our best when the shit hits the fan!

    Come on... Sing it with me, y'all...

    "The sun 'ell come out tomorrow... Bet your bottom dollar..."

    Bottom dollar - That's irony... tha's funny!


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