Big Dog Quadruped Robot and Army Mule

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    Big Dog is a product of Boston Dynamics with Funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

    This robot has possibilities. It weighs 235 pounds, and can carry 340 pounds of cargo payload over rough terrain. It operates by means of a 2-cycle engine, which is noisy, but this is an early design, and we can probably assume improvements will be made. The practical applications may be debatable, but the developments are taking some interesting turns in robotics. It appears to have a visual capability as it transits the maze/stack of concrete blocks.

    Here are two U-Tube videos:

    [ame=""]Big Dog Testing-1[/ame] In wooded terrain, icy parking lot, snow, and climbing over concrete blocks, and galloping

    [ame=""]Big Dog Testing-2[/ame] In parking lot, climbing hill, over rubble stone, and inside galloping and bucking

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