Biden’s claim of brush with gun massacre questioned

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    Biden’s claim of brush with gun massacre questioned​

    By Dave Boyer

    Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s claim that he heard the gunshots of a 2006 school massacre while playing golf is raising questions about his veracity or his memory. Mr. Biden told a meeting of mayors in Washington Thursday that he was about a quarter-mile away from an Amish schoolhouse on Oct. 2, 2006, when a gunman shot and killed five students and wounded five others. “I happened to be literally — probably, it turned out, to be a quarter of a mile [away] at an outing when I heard gunshots in the woods,” Mr. Biden recounted. “We didn’t know … we thought they were hunters.”


    There’s a lot of things here that I find hard to believe,” Mr. King said

    Remember this one:
    While running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2007, Mr. Biden said in a debate that he had been “shot at” during a trip to Iraq. Pressed by reporters, he eventually described three incidents on two separate Iraq trips in which he felt that he was shot at or might have been shot at.

    He ended up revising his description by saying: “I was near where a shot landed.”


    Aides later said that on one occasion Mr. Biden heard mortars being fired a few hundreds yards away from the building where he was staying in the Green Zone,


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