Biden supporters ignore what women voters will find

Discussion in 'Politics' started by healthmyths, Oct 11, 2012.

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    which is the condescension, the arrogance, derisive and totally disrespectful and truly child like display of the guy a heartbeat from the button!

    Charles Krauthammer summed it up succinctly
    Biden won if you listened to the radio.
    Biden won if you read the transcripts.
    Biden was the BIG loser if you watched TV and like ME and millions found his demeanor totally overshadowing his verbiage.

    I really questioned Obama's choice of anyone who plugged his own scalp, plagiarized college material and has a web site dedicated to his gaffes!!
    Biden's performance for any sentient respectful person was as Chris Wallace said the most disgusting disrespectful he's ever seen in a political debate.

    I believe there really won't be any bounce in either direction because Ryan did the usual wonkish performance not hurting but not stellar.
    Biden once fact checkers have their way will be confronted with OUT and OUT lies about the embassy terrorist attack. Out and OUT lies when it comes to Medicare! I PERSONALLY am calling Biden a liar regarding MY MEDICARE because UNDER Obamacare I've calculated my costs per year will be $3,000 more by the abolition of the Advantage programs!

    Biden doesn't know crap about Medicare, my Advantage plan and is an out and out LIAR!

    But much of what Biden said was totally gibberish verbalized by someone with the snarky smile of a chimpanzee!

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