Biblical Veracity

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    In the Chritian tradition, the final word on Biblican innerency is 2 Timothy 3:16

    It is important to note here that scripture is not given by dictation (At least in Christianity. In Islam my understanding is that it is a direct recital from the Angels to Mohammed, and taken down as such)

    Second, what matters is not the text, but the point to the text. Scripture is not to be worshiped in itself as something, but it is a tool to be used for understanding and correction.

    One does not read the story of the good samaritan and then just go, that was cool. One does not prove the story by reading the procurator's files from police stations along the Jerusalem road, even if such records were available after 1980 years. The reason to read the story is that it points out that good behavior is universal, that sometimes people we hate for any reason should also be recognized as virtuous, and that our obligations transcend our emotions.

    The story about creation is important not because it happend exactly that way. It is because words are to be seen as an engine of creation and destruction, and that Gd took a day off from working at the end of the week, and we should do likewise.

    So the importance of the text is not the text, but what should be learned from the text.

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