Beware of Worthless College Diplomas

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    Some Diplomas Make Great Bird Cage Liners
    by Dave Horn for Hotline, The Herald-Times
    June 9, 2005

    QUESTION: There are so many online universities to choose from.
    How can I tell if one is legit and that the degree I earn will do me some good? D.W.

    ANSWER: For starters, don't enroll at Trinity Southern University in Plano, Texas, unless you like to study in a litter box. For $299, Trinity Southern recently granted a life experience bachelor's degree to a cat named Colby Nolan, after Colby's owner claimed the feline had babysitting and retail management experience.

    Fake universities, or diploma mills, are growing rapidly on the Internet. One investigator estimates they rake in about $200 million a year from scholar wannabes. The Better Business Bureau says to beware of:

    • Degrees that can be earned faster than usual.

    • Unrealistic emphasis on college credits for life or work experience.

    • Tuition charged on a per-degree basis instead of by course or credit hours.

    • Minimal interaction with professors.

    • Addresses that are box numbers or suites.

    The U.S. Department of Education has compiled a list of many legitimate colleges and universities. To see it, point your browser to

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