Betting odds for the next pedo religious scandal

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by Father Time, Mar 9, 2009.

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    As was reported in this thread

    The Jehova's Witnesses have apparently been covering up massive pedo acts. Now the Catholic church has all ready had their own pedo problems so now that leaves us with one question:

    What religious group is going to be next?

    Well I can't predict the future but I can pretend to be an expert and give you psuedo-Vegas betting odds on which one it will be.

    So without further ado here are my guesses. Feel free to add ones I missed or give your own odds.

    Scientology -
    Odds: 2:1

    Since it's a high number here's my explanation.

    This religion is a cult by any other name, so all ready it's really isolated from the mainstream (although it is the most mainstream cult). They're also corrupt, (I'll spare the preaching but suffice it to say they go after their critics in court and require money from members). Combine this with their belief that psychiatry is a bad thing, then add in their problems with an internet group who would just love to break a story like this and you have a recipe for kiddy fondling. Perhaps South Park was onto something when they satirized them with the super adventure club (where they scour the globe in search of places to molest children).

    For the extremists I give 17:1 odds.
    Don't know too much about mainstream though so if someone could help me out.

    Buddhists 11:1
    Catholics (again) 29:2
    Jews 14:1
    Hindu 12:1
    Mormons 10:1

    I don't know enough about the different branches to put anything on Lutherans Baptist, etc.

    Anyway why do you guys think this stuff happened? Is it just natural abuse from someone in power (coupled with a sick fetish) or perhaps sexual repression or what?

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