Better Late Than Never

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    The Japanese, according to some accounts, sent some 3,500 Kamikazi aircraft against the US Navy's Fifth Fleet in and on the waters around Okinawa April 5th to June, 1945. The United States Government maintained a tight lid of secrecy on the damage that the Kamikazi attacks inflicted on the fleet until after the war ended some five months later, killing 5,000 sailors, sinking over twenty ships, damaging many others. The Aircraft Carrier USS Bunker Hill, hit by over five Kamikazis, able to restart its engines and make its way to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs preparatory to the coming invasion of the main Japanese Home Islands, was immediately ordered scrapped after word of the Japanese surrender was received, its damage being so extensive and severe.
    7,000 American Army Soldiers and Marines were killed during the course of the ground campaign. 12,000 American dead. One island. 12,000 dead.

    Black Navy veteran to get medal for WWII actions - Yahoo! News

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