Betrayed by Government

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    The people of Europe are feeling betrayed by their government tonight. The latest attack by a machete wielding Muslim who shouted, This is for Syria, before violently slashed the throat of an elderly British man took place this evening. The Islamic jihadist has been arrested and detained by authorities. The story is now making waves across the Atlantic as Americans are still trying to recover from the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

    Citizens of the UK are outraged by the news of this latest attack in their country. One citizen said, Unbelievable, isn't it? Here they are in our country, one of the most liberal in the world, and they are trying to kill us. What does our Government do? Absolutely nothing at all.

    The first of 1,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Scotland and the British government has pledged to receive 20,000 more within the year 2020. After they have lived in Britain for five years they can apply for permanent residency.

    As many of the refugees flooding Europe do not have any documentation, a report emerged that the EU demanded foreigners be accepted as doctors without checking their qualifications. Fact checking the story, I learned that the EU has mandated new rules which could give thousands of doctors and nurses NHS jobs without checking or validating their qualifications. Many fear this will lead to putting the lives of millions of Britons in danger due to negligence. The new system has been declared by many as a grave mistake with scandalous disregard of patients.

    There are many problems within the NHS. European news reported today that a child diagnosed with cancer is being flown to the United States for treatment the NHS refused to administer.

    News that British taxpayers will have to foot the bill for half of all new homes designated for Muslim immigrants has not been received well

    Meanwhile, migrants in Latvia are complaining that their housing is not sufficient and that 'this is not Britain.' Latvia, which has a population of approximately 2 million, is bound to a quota (receiving immigrants) which was agreed upon by Diplomats in Brussels, Belgium.

    The disgruntled immigrants are looking towards Germany, Britain or France for their final destinations due to better benefits, nicer housing and free healthcare. Latvian MEP ,Artis Pabriks said, he is not opposed to immigration but has also vowed that he will put up a barbed wire fence along its border with Russia in order to stop the illegal flow of immigrants from coming in.

    Over 600,000 Muslim Immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia have made it through the Greek gateway into Europe this year alone. 5,000 Muslim migrants are entering Europe each day over the Balkan corridors.

    According to a recent news report – Germany has a population of 4,760,000 Muslims and the number is growing. Merkel has agree to receive 800,000 Muslim Immigrants this year which is 4 times more than Germany accepted last year.

    Compounding the problem of massive immigration comes the report by Gatestone Institute which revealed that up to 50% of the Muslim asylum seekers in Germany have already disappeared and German authorities have no idea where they are.

    The people of Germany, Latvia, France, Britain, Sweden, Belgium, and all of Europe share something in common tonight.

    They are feeling betrayed by their government.
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