Bernanke 70-30! FRB 43-25-27 (1913)

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    "This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts Public And Private," 1963.

    In Origin of Species, Darwin actually proposed a Theory of Evolution based upon the "Survival Of The Fittest." How subjective a concept that really was became famously the Japanese Imperial concept, that lead to WWII, and the Third German Republic, "1000 Year Reich," which somehow got involved(?).

    Japan was actually in the other direction.

    At any rate, the Japanese and German versions of "The Fittest" didn't make it. Finally, the U. S. Federal Government would establish "protections," for critter-versions of "The Fittest," unable to make it.

    The original Senate vote that established the Federal Reserve Board was 43 Democrats for it, 25 "Other" and "Undecided," and the 27 paired votes that were inclined to take the day off at any rate!

    The record-dismal vote for Bernanke was actually an improvement over the vote for the concept of a Federal Reserve Board in the first place. Anyone sees how the Federal Reserve Notes themselves--a part of the act(?)--evolved, in the opening sentence.

    In the 21st century, anyone notices that actually the stuff of the everyday transactions that run the entire economy have nothing written, on them, at all. There is usually a line, and at the end of it, "dollars" appears.

    According to the Federal Reserve Board: In fact there are about $55.0 tril. of them around, somehow!

    Pundits might wonder if there really was that amount of money, even in all of China(?)! Chinese Pundits might wonder if there was really that amount of money, even in all of the current U. S. Total Credit Market. Anyone sees how The Bernanke Chairmanship itself--has taken the Federal Reserve Board into a special place, never before imagined even possible.

    And in fact, anyone wonders if it can even survive.

    Darwin, in fact: May have been wrong!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Half-Wit Father In Washington: Not let chief do Hoe-work in Garden(?) Go to Hollywood! Find "Stimulus Money" in Record box-office, instead. . . .and at Writer's Guild(?)!)

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