Bercow stops Mrs May citing ruling from 1604

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    Brexit: John Bercow rules out third meaningful vote on same deal

    The House of Commons Speaker has thwarted any attempt by Theresa May to bring a third meaningful vote to parliament, unless there has been substantial change to the Brexit deal.

    With Theresa May’s plans thrown into chaos by the move, one of her chief law officers warned the government could be forced to cut short the parliamentary session and restart in order to bring back the Brexit deal.

    John Bercow’s shock move, which drew immediate criticism from May’s allies, suggested he believed such a fundamental change would involve a renegotiation at EU level rather than clarification of the legal advice written by the attorney general, something that had been suggested this week.

    The solicitor general, Robert Buckland, said the decision was a “constitutional crisis” and that the government might have to consider the drastic step of ending the parliamentary session early and restarting a new session.

    Hand on heart I can stand Jon Bercow. And now the tories hate him even more. But something had to be done about Mays abuse of power and this might do the trick. What Monsieur Barnier will make of it I will not speculate.

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