Benghazi cover-up much worse than 'third-rate burglary'

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    Benghazi cover-up much worse than 'third-rate burglary'​

    By: Jack Kelly
    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ^

    The ride on the Obama bus gets bumpier as more bodies are thrown under it. The latest to go thumpity thump are journalists who trumpeted the administration's excuse that faulty intelligence is why the president said for so long the attack on our consulate in Benghazi was a "spontaneous" protest over a Youtube video. The journalists went under the bus because the Foreign Service and career intelligence officers the administration tried to scapegoat refused to go there. They've leaked emails that reveal the White House was informed while it was still going on that the attack was the work of terrorists affiliated with al-Qaida. To put this in the context of the Mother of All Scandals, these emails are the equivalent of a transcript of what was on the 181/2 minutes of the secret White House tapes President Nixon's secretary erased.

    Read more: Benghazi cover-up much worse than 'third-rate burglary' - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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