Belgian Concert: Dystopian Fashions

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    Does modernism-dystopian paranoia remind you of Orwell?

    This parable was inspired by James Bond films and the film The Terrorist.




    An outstanding music concert in Belgium was being planned for Christmas 2018, and people were encouraged to wear costumes. An alien from Venus named Magneto heard about this concert and wanted to attend, wearing what he usually wears but being able to blend into the costumed crowd. The concert would invite bands such as U2, Ziggy Marley, Roni Size, Fiona Apple, David Gray, and Harvey Danger and was meant to promote religious tolerance following the terrorist strike on Vatican City on Halloween Eve 2018. Magneto was cooking up a nonviolent 'scheme' for the Belgian music concert, which was titled Religious Rights.


    A Hollywood (USA) celebrity, Tom Cruise, star of civilization-symbolic films such as Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, and American Made, wanted to attend the concert and present for the first time ever his original comic book art. Apparently, Cruise was a huge Marvel Comics fan and wanted to present a completely original trench-coat wearing American vigilante-detective named Red-Ranger, since Religious Rights was to encourage audience-members to dress in outlandish comic book costumes. Cruise even sent a press-notice to Belgian papers declaring his intention to have his art used as part of the decorations for the concert arena.


    As Cruise unveiled Red-Ranger to Belgian crowds on Thanksgiving Day 2018, hundreds cheered and commented that they thought the very original comic book character would be an ideal 'complement' for Religious Rights. In fact, concert performer Ziggy Marley stated that Cruise's character was very 'Marvel-friendly' and would add a 'cool society feather' to the concert's ornaments/decorations meant to inspire the crowd/audience. Red-Ranger was set to be a 'mascot' for the concert.


    As MTV executives designed the indoor arena, which was mostly blue-light in theme but would also feature a wall or TV-wall with video-images or portrait-hangings of art (e.g., Red-Ranger) for the audience to marvel while enjoying the democracy-friendly international music. The Trump Administration offered its cheers for the event and promised American security forces to ensure that the concert would go smoothly and not be 'hitched' by the demoralizing threat of global terrorism.


    A number of comic book artists and fashion-world 'gurus' decided also to attend, since Religious Rights suddenly had a very distinctly 'aesthetic' appeal for TV audiences. Multiple networks would broadcast the concert, including BBC, Al Jazeera, MTV, and Belgian Canvas. The crowd would be hip, fresh, vibrant, multicultural, nerdy, sophisticated, creative, political, and modern.


    As more artists along with Tom Cruise contributed comic book stylized artworks for the Belgian music concert, film-makers decided to show up to make a documentary on the subject including Jim Jarmusch, Michael Moore, and Ken Russell. They wanted to capture the overall modernism significance of Religious Rights and therefore compare it to the globalization freak-show/horror of 9/11.


    A music promoter for the event named Elsa, who herself was Belgian, was worried that the media-hoopla would detract attention away from the art and musical flair of the concert. She therefore requested that journalists at CNN cast Religious Rights as more of a social celebration rather than a political tent. She also worried about the threat of terrorism.


    As some feared, a terrorist did show up at Religious Rights. His name was Han, and he was a strange-looking red-haired French-Algerian who was secretly working for three different terrorist groups --- ISIS, Cobra, and Black Mask. Han wanted to attend the Belgian concert as a simple fan but then wanted to spray the crowd with his tear-gas grenades which he hid in a compartment of one of the giant speakers by the performance-stage before the concert began. You see, Han was masqueraded as one of the concert's arrangement-laborers/servicemen.


    After the concert ended, the audience members, many of them at least, would be invited to an after-party before then convening the next day at the fancy new Belgian shopping-complex. This was truly going to be a celebratory event to help the world forget about the tragedies of 9/11 and the Halloween (October) attack on Vatican City. However, Han was to be the maniac who would throw a monkey-wrench into all these grand Utopian dreams.


    As the Hollywood (USA) actress celebrity and close friend of Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, arrived at the concert as well in a private jet no less, journalists remarked that this event reminded them of great social consciousness music concerts of the past. Even Amnesty International representatives attended the event to solicit their causes to the socially-conscious crowds. Streep tweeted, "I wish First Lady Melania Trump would attend such a glorious event on this magnificent international stage!"


    All eyes were on the producers and managers and executives and artists and broadcasters (e.g., Elsa, Tom Cruise, Ziggy Marley, BBC, etc.) to see how much Religious Rights would be a pro-pluralism, pro-democracy achievement rather than a cliched hippie-esque protest-oriented event. The world loved movies and cinematic flair and wanted the concert to live up to all the modernism 'aesthetics' hype.


    A number of the attendees in fun costumes of magnificent fairy-tale, comic book, and sub-culture characters such as Scarecrow, Maleficent, Wonder Woman, and Plastic-Man were to be the 'diplomats' for the anti-terrorism pro-globalization 'media event.' Tom Cruise tweeted, "I don't think there's ever been a public event of this politically-conscious 'quality' in our era...I bet the Woodstock generation is jealous!"


    As Cruise continued to tweet praises for Religious Rights, others offered comments in the media/Internet as well, such as an Ivy League professor named Ajay Satan and Cruise's celebrity-friend Tom Hanks. Both Hanks and Satan remarked, "Religious Rights is to the modern generation what Woodstock was to civil rights enthusiasm." Would Han devastate all this...basic idealism?


    A comic book artist working for Marvel named Len Thomas who had been involved with the comics-adapted film Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck, was the lone outcast who tweeted, "I'm 100% certain this Belgian music concert will be met with some form of terrible terrorism, which is why we should simply refrain from all this new age socialization/globalization rhetoric altogether and just focus on commerce-diplomacy --- e.g., PyeongChang Olympics (which saw the alliance between North and South Korea)!"


    TRUMP: I'm excited and worried simultaneously...
    CARTER: Me too! I wonder if Len Thomas is right!
    TRUMP: Religious Rights might be great or a complete disaster.
    CARTER: Does all this 'terrorism-intrigue' make you want to see a James Bond movie?
    TRUMP: I'm a big fan of the Bond-films GoldenEye, Thunderball, and Moonraker, Carter!
    CARTER: What if some lone maniac terrorist from Algeria shows up with grenades?
    TRUMP: You never know. Remember the fiasco at the Stones' concert yesteryear?
    CARTER: Yes, that and Helter-Skelter spelled doom for the hippie-generation.
    TRUMP: Perhaps media will reorient our perspectives on 'customs.'
    CARTER: Are you a fan of Bob Dylan, Mr. President?
    TRUMP: I prefer Neil Young, Carter.
    CARTER: Well, let's hope the musicians at Religious Rights are enthusiastic.
    TRUMP: At least there should be some great the Belgian shopping-complex.
    CARTER: I hear there'll be some sensational shrimp bread and Pina Coladas.
    TRUMP: May peace and commerce shine!
    CARTER: Let's go watch Justice League on Netflix...
    TRUMP: Sounds like a plan.


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    /----/ Geee a name dropping picture book.

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