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    Have you ever been abused as a child, or as an adult??
    Was it by the hands of someone you knew well??
    Did it happened often??
    An abuse is verbally, emotionally and physically. It doesn't have to be just someone punching you one time, it can also be someone calling you a fucking retarded kid, something to that nature.
    I was an abused child from the time I was age 4 till the the time I was age 15, by my Dad (SF= step-father).
    In my mind, he hated me because I wasn't his, because according to my Mother and everyone else who knew us, I was a good child.
    But I would get "whippings" from my Dad, and he would use whatever was within reach, but generally his belt.
    But I have been hit with leather straps, tree limbs, fists, open hands, one time he grabbed a 2X4.
    When he would beat me, my Mother would always step in and yell at him and tell him to stop, but he would then turn to her, and beat on her.
    We left him, oh many many times, but back then, there was no fucking help. The police laughed at us and and we got no help. We would run and hide at one of my Aunt's houses, but after a couple of weeks, Dad would find us, beg us back, and basically with no where else left to turn, we would go back.
    Then he would seem to be better for a couple weeks or so, then he'd go right back to his same ole shit.
    I went to school so many times with bruises, welts and even fresh blood stripes, that I lied to my teachers constantly about being sick or something, so I could go lie down in the nurses's office. Then when it became time for P.E. (back then we had to shower together) if I still had the welts, marks and bruises all up and down my legs, I would lie to my P.E. teacher and tell her I was on my monthly period so that I wouldn't have to dress out or shower. I didn't want anyone seeing those marks....I was embarrassed.
    But then, nobody cared back then. Now, in this day and time, if you see a child with lots of bruises, people are looking the child over!!!
    I have been busted across the face.
    Had my jaw dislocated because of my Dad.
    I wasn't allowed to have no friends and his favorite thing to say to me, was: "you're a good for nothing stupid kid."
    Those words still haunt me, at 49 years of age, I hear them in my mind like they were said this morning.
    Neither of my husbands beat me, but I feel I had enough. I remember a lot of the beatings, and they were NOT just spankings, they were terrible beatings, and if I slumped to the ground when he was holding my left arm, he continued to hit, so it got my back and wherever else.
    Then of course, that was my fault, for I should have remained standing.
    And the visions in my mind of when he beat my Mother, terrible!
    These are things I will never forget, his own brother tells me to this day my Dad was evil.
    But, it's over now. I am curious tho, is there anyone who went thru some abuse that would care to talk about it??
    Or maybe you know someone being abused now??
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    Merritt Island, FL
    I have some friends who are Emotionally abused, but not Physically.
    As for being abused myself, I did not let my parents hit me. Even for punishment.
    But they eventually got over it since I rarely got in trouble.

    My dad hit me cause I did something he didn't like, I grabbed the nearest object and brought the hurt.
    Primarily one of the main reasons why I very rarely see him.

    And my mom got tired of having me breaking all the paddles. :D

    I'm not abusive in any way, I just practice self defense for myself.
    Never hitting a woman. :x

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