Before any more CONS comment on Fast & Furious

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    You should REALLY read some history into this story.

    Didn't this start under the Bush administration?

    The Associated Press is reporting on a second Bush administration investigation that involved so-called "gun walking" of weapons to Mexico, the same tactic for which the Obama administration is facing scrutiny from the Justice Department and Congress.

    E-mails pertaining to a 2007 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation out of Phoenix show that agents allowed illegal shipments of guns across the border into Mexico in a failed effort to identify higher-ups in smuggling networks. Earlier this month, the bureau's new director, B. Todd Jones, acknowledged ATF agents launched a similar operation in a 2006 called "Operation Wide Receiver.'' es-of-bush-era-gun-trafficking-to-mexico-/1

    So, any bets on that the same brilliant brain trust that launched Operation Wide Receiver is also responsible for Fast and Furious?

    At the time, under the Bush administration Department of Justice (DOJ), no arrests or indictments were made. After President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the DOJ reviewed Wide Receiver and found that guns had been allowed into the hands of suspected gun traffickers. Indictments began in 2010, over three years after Wide Receiver concluded. As of October 4, 2011, nine people had been charged with making false statements in acquisition of firearms and illicit transfer, shipment or delivery of firearms; two of them had pled guilty.[15]

    Another, smaller probe occurred in 2007 under the same ATF Phoenix field division. It began when the ATF identified Mexican suspects who bought weapons from a Phoenix gun shop over a span of several months. The probe ultimately involved over 200 guns, a dozen of which were lost in Mexico. On September 27, 2007, ATF agents saw the original suspects buying weapons at the same store and followed them toward the Mexican border. The ATF informed the Mexican government when the suspects successfully crossed the border, but Mexican law enforcement were unable to track them.[2][20]

    Less than two weeks later, on October 6, William Newell, then ATF's special agent in charge of the Phoenix field division, shut down the operation at the behest of William Hoover, ATF's assistant director for the office of field operations.[21] No charges were filed. Newell, who was special agent in charge from June 2006 to May 2011, would later play a major role in Operation Fast and Furious.
    ATF gunwalking scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    SO let's review shall we?

    THE SAME THING, DONE BY THE SAME GUY went on under Bush. NO INDICTMENTS were made until the Obama administration CLEANED IT UP.

    If you CONZ weren't so BLIND TO INCOMPETENCE, you would have caught this and Fast and Furious would never have been allowed to happen.
    But just like the Wall Street Crash, you CONZ aren't really cut out for being responsible adults, are you?

    Go ahead, blame someone else for not cleaning up the turd you CONZ pooted into the punchbowl .

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