Before a Test, a Poverty of Words

Discussion in 'Education' started by IanC, Oct 14, 2012.

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    My kids were born in the early 90's, and i stumbled upon Risley's work in the late 90's. I remember loving the confirmation of what I was already doing, that I wasnt crazy for not only talking to my kids but explaining things they couldnt understand yet. I still talk, explain and question what they think about things. my youngest son gave me perhaps the greatest compliment ever when he came home one day from school in gr11, and said "we learned something in school today that you never talked to me about, that's the first time I can remember that happening".

    My kids have done really well so far, but is it reasonable to expect that all parents act in this fashion? are kids who are treated this way actually smarter or just better prepared? my parents were taciturn and judgemental but I think that only made me oppositional to authority, not duller.

    could we, or should we, try to do a better job of informing parents (and kids) on some of the types of parenting that often lead to successful children? the tricky part would be finding the right people to 'decide' which styles were good and which were bad.

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