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Discussion in 'Food & Wine' started by strollingbones, Nov 8, 2008.

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    chicken farm
    made beer can chicken this evening...

    basically you take a chicken...use a dry rub on it...then take a can of the beer pour a wee bit out...take a church key and put more holes in the top and side of here is where it got tricky...when i added the dry rub to the beer..which you are suppose to do...i got the chemical reaction of foaming now i got a beer can with holes ...foaming..then you got to take the chicken and ram it butt down over the beer place the chicken on the grill with indirect heat...push the coals to the side...and want the coals white hot...add a few new coals when you put the chicken in. chicken browned nicely was crispy...etc...but still not enough of a taste difference for all that trouble.

    overall i wouldnt be in a hurry to do it again...i might do it to show off...but that would be it.
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    Did that once. Tasted like...well...chicken. *shrug*

    Definitely not worth the time/effort.

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