Because of Rep. Ryan Choice: George Bush Is Back In GOP Base Fashion!

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    Rep. Ryan is famously a GOP Washington, insider. And so in Dallas, Texas, other people know this! Because of Ryan, George Bush Is Back!

    George W. Bush on Paul Ryan as GOP’s VP candidate: ‘This is a strong pick’ | Trail Blazers Blog

    In the first weekend, some have noted that Rep. Ryan's choice is a game-changer, focus not on Obama-Biden policies, but clearly on GOP policies! Likely Independent voters will notice soon enough what that is all about.

    Essentially(?), Obama gets the black hat, Ryan gets the white hat(?). Biden got the Stimulus Package Right--and was even for body armor for troops in the field--and Romney is undecided, and could even change his mind!

    Romney sends investment capital to the already prosperous, Ryan takes MediCare and Social Security funding away from the already less prosperous, Biden remains in advocacy of the re-distributive role of markets support, and Obama provides the mechanism policy for that.

    Independents more likely will go for the markets support! The niggardly wars of Bush=Cheney are probably still in mind, if not directly like that.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Many now come to Lands of Many Nations! Lands of Many Nations now have indoor plumbing,even!)

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