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    A Call To Arms

    Thirty Seconds to Mars is looking for soldiers posted all around the world to submit videos of themselves, and their daily lives in the field, on base, and more, for a special project.

    The best quality possible image and sound is preferred.

    Along with this ‘day in the life’ material, we are also searching for soldiers in uniform to sing along to the song, “This is War”, looking straight into the camera. In addition, telling us your thoughts on war, your current situation, why you joined the military, opinions on government and current politics and thoughts on family, God, and home would be appreciated. The more creative the location the better. Ideally it would be a location that said something about the life of a soldier. Either on a mission, in a humvee, on a tank, in the field, or even at base camp.

    Please include your name, contact details and submit a copy of the attached release on our website.

    A note for all the men and women in uniform who are reading this: Thank you so much for your service and commitment. Please stay safe and sound. We are sending good thoughts your way.

    email contact:

    Submit your videos at thirtysecondstomars(dot)thisisthehive(dot)net(slash)blog.

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