BBC: The Result of Leftist Take-Over of Media

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    1. "It is not as if the analysis of the BBC’s coverage of the first months of upheaval in the Middle East was carried out by some vicious right-wing bigot, determined to do down the Corporation and probably in the pay of Rupert Murdoch. It was commissioned by the BBC Trust,...

    2. People have for years criticised the BBC over its reluctance to use the word ‘terrorist’ to describe those who use indiscriminate and deadly violence against ordinary people in order to achieve political aims.

    3. It was a very senior BBC executive, however, who put forward the idea that its journalists should be guided not by old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud anachronistic impartiality, but by ‘radical impartiality’.

    4. This thinking from Peter Horrocks, head of television news at the time, meant you would be encouraged to put the Taliban or the BNP on air as long as you gave room to ‘the full range of moderate opinions’.

    5. The same Mr Horrocks is now director of BBC Global News – I thought the title was something out of a sitcom but it appears to be real – where he has just told 2,400 journalists that they must ‘exploit new commercial opportunities’. If that sort of thing had been done by a Murdoch editor I suspect it would now be attracting the attention of Lord Justice Leveson.

    6. In other words, the BBC was showing contempt for the dictators of Libya and Syria and conferring legitimacy on the rebels.

    7. In Libya, the BBC was slow to shine a spotlight on human rights abuses by the rebels. In Syria, it may have ‘overestimated the purely peaceful or nonviolent character of the protest movement in its early stages.’

    8. In Bahrain, Mortimer said, early BBC reports failed to explain the context. This meant they didn’t tell you how the protests were run by Shias against the Sunni rulers, and how the Sunni rulers believed the protests were being orchestrated by Iran.

    9. ...the BBC favoured the rebels against the established governments. This is not only a serious failure of impartiality, it means potential dangers for the paying audience in this country were being covered up.

    10. The BBC didn’t seem to want to tell us the news we have now had from the head of MI5: that the Arab Spring has furnished Al Qaeda with ‘a permissive environment’....the BBC has let us down badly with consistently slanted news broadcasts about matters of central importance: Europe, immigration, climate change. It has done nothing to challenge the perception that it routinely favours one political party over others."
    Can we trust the BBC? As its slanted coverage of the Arab Spring is laid bare, how the reputation of the corporation is rotting | Mail Online

    " ...the Arab Spring has furnished Al Qaeda with ‘a permissive environment’..."

    Support the rebels,,,,the Muslim US allies.....

    Now pay attention:
    Do you realize the same is true of the Obama administration???

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