Battle over food stamps goes hostage/death.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BOBO, Dec 8, 2011.

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    If it was not so tragic it'd be comical. This is where it all ends up when people are taught to depend on the state for their survival, instead of being taught to fend for themselves. I'm sure there will be plenty of bleeding hearts over this one & I'll admit that it is a sad story. I must say though that people must learn to depend on themselves... not others. This should be an eye opener to both sides of the nanny state debate. Socialism never did work, does not work & never can work, the above being just one example.
    For the anti nanny state crowd they need to be more active with their representatives in getting these DSHS offices closed down. These food stamp/assistance offices give the false illusion that they can always be banked on as a last resort, but as seen above they can't. It's high time that people learn that the bed they make & the reps they vote for should be taken with the utmost sincerity. In the end it comes down to only three people one can trust... me, I & myself. That's the stark reality. Anyone see a way that this tragic situation could have been avoided?

    Girl Posted on Facebook During 7-Hour Welfare-Office Standoff - Yahoo! News

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