Bartender helps turn wine to water in developing world

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    the first time i saw this into water.....i laughted they had a booth at the oct. fest at sugar mtn..i dont drink wine but ventured over and talked to them...they had a donation i toss a couple of bucks in....i know how it is to not have water.....

    this guy is just a average guy and look what he has done:

    Behind the bar at a local restaurant, Doc Hendley leans in to hear his customer over the band. "You like the pinot? Cool," he says.

    Bartender Doc Hendley has tapped his regular customers to help provide funds for clean water around the world.

    1 of 2 It's a seemingly average interaction, but Hendley is not your average bartender. As he pours wine in the United States, he's also helping to save thousands of lives on the other side of the world -- and he's tapped into his regulars to help.

    "[They] sit on the same stool, drink the same drink, pay the same tab every day. I felt like they really did want to be a part of something," Hendley says. "They just were waiting for somebody to bring that something to them."

    That something is Wine to Water, Hendley's organization that provides clean water to people in developing countries through funds raised at wine tasting events.

    Since 2004, Hendley has traveled to Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Cambodia, working with local communities to build clean water wells and sanitation systems.

    The 30-year-old first learned about the world's water crisis when he took a break from college, and his job as a bar-keep, to travel the world; he hoped it would ground his education and provide some direction. It did.

    "I began seeing the figures [of] people that don't have access to clean water -- and it absolutely floored me,"

    full article: Bartender helps turn wine to water in developing world -

    north carolina is very proud of our local hero...he has not cured cancer...he has not fought a war where bullets where flying...yet he has saved many lives....
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    Nice thank you for sharing the story.

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