Banking With Barclays--Which Actually Does Banking

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    Famous Barclays Capital managed to not take any of Her Majesty's government's money for a bail-out, and managed to shun the Colonies new better business practices, after the fact of what they became.

    And so they are banking on Obama-Biden, apparently, after all.

    Barclays ups US GDP outlook, sees Fed hike in 2010 | Markets | Markets News | Reuters

    Famous Ben Bernanke, Hero of Our Nation--and now subsequent the "Blitzkrieg Address," at Jackson Hole, Wyoming--is seen to be ready for interest-rate raising in 2010, subequent revised upgrades in post-stimulus, post-Cash-for-Clunkers, pre-refundable tax credit payments, pre-stimulus money in first Quarter, 2010. At Jackson Hole, everyone had to be regaled with the stories of the bold, forthright--and really quickly concoted--half-measures of preservation. of the status quo, that were put in place. The famous(?) Quaker "Sharing Fund" eventually itself became reduced to "Bail Money," if of a different sort.

    Barclay's can actually do analysis, forecasts and banking: All at the same time. It is noted that others cannot. Her Majesty's Prime Minister, at Davos, apparently did well in his own explanation of the proper use of lending and repayment of credit--to the assembled, and formerly, many of The Empire. Notably absent there was the Ivy League of the USA. There is U. S. "money" to be made when a U.S. government-backed, financial institution: Can be traded on the U. S. Stock Market, at a price all the way up to $1.82 per share, USD.

    The Preservative Plans of the TARP and Corporate Bailout programs: Clearly, actually ushered in 2009, having been done in 2008. Now there is 2009, as if by "magic," even in America, (so to speak): As a very slow learning curve seems to be commencing!

    Actually, profit-systems don't work. Once a basic cost level is ascertained, then there is inflation after that. Inflation leaves increasing numbers behind. The mortages do not get paid, and the rich houses all come crashing down. In America, No One So-States!

    And so there is the more redistributive method commencing with "Cash For Clunkers:" Already being celebrated abroad! The U. S. University systems, by comparison, are apparently experiencing the pay cuts they themselves so heartily created, and clearly intended(?)!

    China is being credited with an actual economic advance, coincidentally: With a More New Deal Inspired kind of program actually launched months ago.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (The English are of course: Forever indebted for the lessons from FDR back when, and are likely. . . .well, at any rate--able to be lending. . .common methods and advice in return. It is not likely that happiness has much to do with it.)
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