Balancing state budgets.

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    Instead of cutting programs for Americans we need to cut illegal immigration. Cut out the 14th Amendment that give children of illegal aliens citizenship and which their parents directly benefit from. And illegal alien family with anchor babies can receive welfare monetary grants, food stamps, Medicaid and public housing. They can survive without working off their jack pot babies.
    Release and deport illegal aliens prisoners who cost tax payers and close the border temporary until we have fixed illegal immigration and the economically problem.

    Governor Sandoval of Nevada said no government bailouts for states. But I feel government is responsible for the cost to states for illegal immigration that they refuse to control. And refusal to enforce out immigration laws and will not let state enforce immigration laws either. Federal Government should bear some of the responsibility for cost of illegal aliens.

    No bail out for states that encourage, harbor and add illegal immigration. Like California, etc.

    Illegal Immigration Costs California Over Ten Billion AnnuallyState's "cheap labor" costs average household $1,183 a year
    Illegal Immigration Costs California $10.5 Billion Annually

    Administration Estimates an
    $18.9 Billion Shortfall
    Reasons for the Shortfall Similar to Those
    We Described in November. After a very difficult
    budget process in 2009, policymakers
    acknowledged that there would be more work
    to be done to balance the 2010‑11 budget.
    Based on a review of current-law General Fund
    revenues and program spending, the 2010‑11
    Governor’s Budget estimates that, without corrective
    action by the Legislature and the Governor,
    the state would end 2010‑11 with an
    $18.9 billion deficit
    State Budget - Sacramento Politics - California Politics | Sacramento Bee

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