Bail Out Homeowners (consumers)

Discussion in 'Economy' started by WhatTheHell2, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Bailout homeowners (consumers) by (1) lowering their mortgage payments (2) placing past dues payments at the end of the mortgage so homeowners, who have lost jobs, wages or other hardships that prevents them from paying present mortgage payment so homeowners can start making their mortgage payments and they will “bailout” lenders. They will also bailout the auto industry because they will be able to buy cars, (3) bring back jobs from foreign countries and create jobs by rebuilding infrastructures of this country, etc.

    Bailing our lenders who are taking people’s homes and auto industry so they can build more cars is useless if consumers don’t have jobs and do not earn money to buy homes and cars, etc.

    Auto industry does not employ enough workers to off set the condition of our economy.

    (4) deport 12 million illegal aliens who defaulted on their homes, took jobs and lowers wages or American workers, and stress this country with education their children, providing healthcare and using our legal system and sending $24 billion home to Mexico that is earned here but not spent here and go back into our economy. Who contributed to the mess our economy is in.

    Lenders and the auto industry need to take their head out of their own b---s and start thinking about how they got in this situation in the first place. Making bad loans and building big expensive gas guzzlers and think about who really can bail them out. Consumers.

    Lenders and auto industry should not be bailed out with taxpayer’s money until the consumers are back to work and making money.
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    The bank/re-insurance bailout is one of the biggest mistakes that the leaders of this country has ever made. They have allowed the paper shuffle robbery long enough. Let the giants fall and pick up the pieces as they fall. Endow enough funds to operate an adequate banking/mortgage/insurance/credit card industry fraud division to recover the money that has been stripped from private and public funds. These guys and their altered documentation to increase their bottom lines so pay themselves multimillion dollar salaries every year to live in luxury at the expense of everyone else. By bailing them out the leaders of the country have became enablers to these paper manufacturers thefts and fraud. It is absolutly disgusting that the American people have sold themselves for nothing to a bunch of modern day slave owners that could give a damn if they live or die.

    Bailing out the purported failing auto industry is just as bad. If these guys could not make it with their private jets, executive payrolls and heavy expense accounts that is not the everyone elses problem. Bailing them out at this point is only adding another burden that will not increase the overall health of the econ-o-my. Let them all go into chapter 11 if they must. If bankruptcy is good enough for the average citizen then it is damn sure good enough for these self proclaimed kings of the auto industry. They showed what they were made of when they flew into Washington the first time in their private jets.

    Bailing out homeowners to merely keep them enslaved to a mortgage company or bank is not going to help either. It will only promote more poverty among the masses. The real estate industry has been out of line long enough. If someone wishes to be a slave to a mortgage company let them but do not force anyone else to foot the bill while you choose to be slaves.

    The credit card industry has had a very heavy hand in the economic failures in this country. The credit card industry should be stripped and gutted. "Buy, buy, buy and keep that good credit score people so I can be your loan shark and keep lining my own pockets."

    This country has already fallen victim to the lies perpatrated on the average American citizen long enough. It is time for all to revolt and demand a true change for equality. In the pride of "needing to keep up with the Jone's" and having a good time "because I wanna feel good about myself", all have fallen victim to the lie that we need to keep supporting the beast that consumes the poor and middleclass alike.

    I do not support redistribution to the already rich bastards that created this purported economic crisis!

    They need to put money into the communities that support small business, light industry and get some decent work programs going. By putting all the cash into larger industries for they can grow even bigger is just making more Americans slaves to these industries that should fail when they did not look into the future while paying their CEO's their multiple million dollar salaries.

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