Bad seeds of change gmo's, hybrid plants

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    One who controls the world food supply has all the power.There has been a food war going on for a long time farmers are loosing large quantities of their land to the government as organic foods become more scarce, they don't want us growing our own foods and the more I search for the reasons the more dismal it gets leading to what appears to be a massive eugenics project.

    Monsonto: (Signed on board by George Bush SR. (R). The producers of AGENT ORANGE, and pesticides such as ROUND UP are now in the seed business they have created round up resistant seed meaning you can spray round up allover the plant and it won't die only all the other plants around it do. Scientist who have researched this and reported the DNA make up of the foods caused cancers in animals lost their jobs. approximately 90% of Corn, soybeans, cotton in USA is using the GMO patented seed. There is also conflict of interest concerning revolving door politics. Monsonto lawyers have taken positions in the FDA and are the very ones to push this through. Many countries ban GMO seed. GMO seed pollen detroys natural corn plants a big problem in Mexico 18 different varieties of beautiful healthy corn put in harms way!! A documentary THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MONSONTO can be watched on the internet for free. Large volumes of Heirloom seeds stocks/companies have been bought up by this created monster. (Jimmie Carter(D) Mr eugenics himself loves it!!!)

    Codex Alementarius scheduled to launch Dec 2009. Supported by Bill Clinton(D) who passed an unconstitional Bill that passed it through without congressional approval. This mother ocotapus has many tenacles the United Nations being the main body. Declared nutrients are toxins, Fight to ban organics ect....lots posted on youtube about it. The sad thing about all this is that Congressmen were totally clueless about this huge entity. i don't know about you, but i would like to see my tax dollars being spent for the good of humanity not the demise of it. An alarming youtube discovery ANUNNAKI DEMON COVENANT(classified) a true eye opener. It doesn't matter if your democrat or republican

    HYBRID SEED: It has been discovered that the hybrid plants that claim to produce larger more abundant vegetables contain half the nutrients of that from a heirloom plant. "Nutrient deficient people have lower immune systems and develop diseases of many kinds including cancers".
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    Supercharged plant help feeding a hungry world...

    Supercharged Plants Aim to Boost Food Production
    November 28, 2016 | WASHINGTON — Scientists have supercharged plant growth by making them more responsive to changes in light and shade. The researchers hope what they have learned by souping up experimental plants will someday help feed a hungry world.

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