Back In The Reagan Trajectory Again! ($1.4 tril.)

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    Anyone wonders if people have noticed anything odd about the black guy at all?!

    The Reagan Trajectory still doesn't work. Here is just a small part of the $1.4 tril. federal deficit just announced.

    Solicitation Number: AG-9A63-S-09-0102
    Agency: Department of Agriculture
    Office: Forest Service
    Location: R-5 IBET Province, Tahoe N.F.

    Bush already tried this, or something! Now it appears that even President Obama is back in the running for the First African American President in History: 20% Afrikaner, 80% not to up on things--or however they count that.

    The award is about $28,000.00. That is what the contractor gets. The un-stated part of the problem is just exactly what it cost to get that far--so to speak?

    The Wall Street Journal famously critiqued the Minimum Wage for causing the economic downturn among teens, now with the highest unemployment rate on record. Why hire skilled labor to make quality products, apparently runs the argument, when you can pay a lot less for someone with no skills to make a load of. . . ?

    (1) Reagan-Bush didn't work. (2) Bush-Bush, offspring of Reagan-Bush, didn't work. (3) Now there is Obama, of the ill-fated trajectory--and now we have this.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (The colonies, their throne rooms. . . .This couldn't have happened--in a jungle--in a hot tub filled with monkeys!)
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