Bachman: Newt took money to increase Freddie's favorability amongst GOP congress

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    Bachman spoke out against former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich.

    She said what everybody already knows: Gingrich took money from Freddie Mac in order to increase their favorability amongst senior Republican congressmen. In essence, Newt was a lobbyist for the forces which destroyed the country.

    Newt was paid nearly 2 million dollars by Freddie in order to influence the Republican congress

    Newt was paid this money while the GOP controlled the senate, house, and presidency. He lobbied for Freddie Mac.

    The housing bubble grew during the 6 years that the GOP controlled all of government, including the Supreme Court and Fed (with Greenspan, Ayn Rand's great free market collaborator).

    [ame=]Home Ownership and President Bush - YouTube[/ame]

    By the time the Dems re-took the house in 2006, the housing bubble was fully in place. Watch the video above. Listen to what Bush says about putting low income buyers in homes. Listen to what he says about working with Fannie and Freddie.

    Why is it that the last GOP president along with Gingrich, one of the leading presidential contenders, are such deep supporters of Freddie Mac?

    This reminds me of the Reagan Amnesty Bill, the largest gift to illegal immigrants in this nation's history. It turned California into a disaster.

    Where does the Rightwing voter get his information? How come he doesn't know any of this? (God Help Us. These people vote)

    How come rightwing voters don't know about the Reagan Amnesty Bill?
    How come Rightwing voters don't know the relationship their party had with Fannie/Freddie from 2000-2006?

    Listen to how Bush talks about lowering downpayment requirements and simplifying the process so that it is easier for poor people to buy homes. This is the smoking gun. He was using the housing market to stimulate a dead economy so that he could win a second term. When asked why he didn't burst the housing bubble, he denied the bubble and said the market would correct itself before any damage occurred. He dug our grave. Both he and Greenspan did what the Right always does: deny the existence of the bubble (because investors are rational and don't create bubble) and call for us to trust market forces. Yet, all they had to do was turn off the easy money faucet. When asked why he didn't call for Greenspan to move rates off their 50 year lows, he said that every buyer should have the tools (money) to make his own housing decisions and control his own risk levels.
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