B. Hussein is a Communist Bully. The American People Better Decide to Handle Him Acco

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    B. Hussein is a Communist Bully. The American People Better Decide to Handle Him Accordingly

    Hank Dagny - Current Affairs, Democrats, Saving Our Nation
    June 3rd, 2009

    President George Bush 43 protected Bill Clinton archives. He shut down attempts to investigate Clinton or his administration. During both Bush terms, he never singled out Americans or businesses for contempt or demonized his political opponents. When his term ended, he graciously handled the transition of power, even though he was attacked all thru B. Hussein's campaign.

    Four months into an administration that promised to 'change' the way politics were conducted, B. Hussein frequently ridicules and blames Bush. He and his fellow Democrats are intent on launching a witch hunt on the Bush administration.

    B. Hussein and his party have heaped scorn and abuse on private citizens and individual businesses. They have organized mobs to appear at the homes of Obama targets. Private families have been targeted with death threats by B. Hussein and Democrat supporters.

    Despite the White House denials, many Chrysler creditors confirmed the B. Hussein administration directly threatened them with public attacks if they did not surrender their legal claims to Chrysler assets.

    Most of these company owners, employees and families under threats and abuse - voted for B. Hussein.

    Ah, yes - some sweet justice, in spite of where, how and who is delivering it. Some of these victims did not vote for this tyrant wanna-be or his Party.

    B. Hussein's bully methods are straight out of Chicago's Al Capone's playbook.

    The B. Hussein administration has changed things to the point where the Constitution is null nad void and you cannot recognize the United States of America. - Hank Dagny


    This is what happens when a communist from Kenya get's elected.

    Obama has no class and has no love for this country. His goal is to make America into a government projects. He want's to be a dictator just like his buddy Chavez.

    Folks, he want's you to sacrifice while he party's on the tax-payers money. He has no managerial experience, he's just a community organizer who is taking what he can from the government like the rest of the low lives that follow him.

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