B.C. bomb plotters set free after judge rules RCMP entrapped pair

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    This was a case in which the FBI was initially involved and then wisely stepped back. They had to have been aware of just how flimsy and suspect this case was. The FBI have a strong reputation of stepping back from cases if entrapment is potentially present. CSIS and the RCMP do NOT have such a reputation.

    Ironically, while the RCMP were wasting many millions of dollars in resources on these two welfare cases, there was another guy in Ontario who WAS serious about Jihad. He would have been successful if not for the tipping off of information to Canadian authorities by the FBI. Even while protecting 350 million people in a world in which their nation is most targeted, the FBI were able to protect another nation. London Police, OPP, CSIS and RCMP dropped the ball on this case, the FBI didn't and it saved many Canadian lives as the jihadist was killed on route to the mall he was going to implode in.

    It's always important to remind Americans that unlike some police apparatuses, you have a reason to have faith in a system that upholds the Constitution. I've read of cases where the FBI themselves withdrew serious charges after identifying entrapment by their own agents, this is unheard of in Canada. Many of us here pay homage to a superior system of justice, character and accountability. Or else you get the rabbit chasing and destruction of lives as we see in the story below...

    B.C. bomb plotters set free after judge rules RCMP entrapped pair

    A British Columbia couple convicted of terrorism charges have had their verdicts tossed out in a scathing court decision that flays the RCMP for its “egregious” conduct in manipulating naive suspects into carrying out a police-manufactured crime.

    But John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were quickly re-arrested and placed under a peace bond before finally being released. The Crown also immediately filed an appeal.

    B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce said the Mounties used trickery, deceit and veiled threats to engineer the terrorist acts for which Nuttall and Korody were arrested on Canada Day three years ago.

    The couple believed they were planting pressure-cooker bombs to kill and maim crowds gathered to celebrate at the B.C. legislature.

    “The world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more,” Bruce said in a landmark ruling Friday as she characterized the RCMP’s methods as “multi-faceted and systematic manipulation.”

    “There is clearly a need to curtail the actions of police ... to ensure that future undercover investigations do not follow the same path.”

    Bruce said Mounties involved in a months-long sting launched in early 2013 knowingly exploited Nuttall and Korody’s vulnerabilities to induce them to commit an offence.

    She described the pair as marginalized, socially isolated, former heroin addicts dependent on methadone and welfare to subsist and said they were “all talk and no action.”

    Nuttall and Korody were recent converts to Islam. Their trial heard Nuttall say in a recording that he wanted to kill and maim countless people during Canada Day festivities in retaliation for Canada’s role in the mistreatment of Muslims in Afghanistan and other countries.

    Without the heavy-handed involvement of undercover officers, it would have been impossible for Nuttall and Korody to articulate, craft and execute a terrorist bomb plot, Bruce said.

    “Ultimately, their role in carrying out the plan was minuscule compared to what the police had to do,” Bruce said. “It was the police who were the leaders of the plot.”

    She also condemned the behaviour of the primary undercover officer who, at the direction of the operation’s overseers, discouraged Nuttall and Korody from seeking outside spiritual guidance and convinced them he was a member of a powerful international terrorist group that would likely kill them if they failed to follow through.

    “He was their leader and they were his disciples,” said Bruce, who stayed the proceedings, which threw out the convictions and allowed the couple to walk free after more than three years behind bars.
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    When they quit showing up to terrorist attacks here to say ......Yeah we knew this guy ooooooops........I might have some faith in them

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