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    If you check the other thread about lost jobs, you have probably figured out that I am a strong supporter of buying US made goods and vehicles.. Do I think that the US auto industry is worth blind support??? HELL NO!!

    I may be patriotic, but I am not a lberal...Jeez,, give me some credit will you?!!

    Where are the youth in this country suppose to lean about tools, usage, design, metalurgy, manufacturing, etc.???.. All of things that made this country great way back when are vanishing from our shores...

    Building cars today, just as it did way back when, takes talent, know how, and training.. When someone who ran a lathe got tired of making car parts, they had the skills to go to Pratt and GE in order to make jet engines. At each place that makes cars, you find people who work with plastic, metal, liquids, electronics, composites, computers, drafting (CAD), etc. etc.. Auto makers provide such a depth in manufacturing that Amercians can become as fullfilled as they chose.... Think about it... It takes many people to design molded parts and then make them fit onto a threaded end...Say a door lock knob.. Too old of a job worth keeping in the US? Try molding composites without skills and fundemental training...

    Three is no such thing as old "useless" technology.. You don't get new technolgoy without using old.. The high tech adhesives of today are only here because nuts and bolts provide a safe backup plan.

    Segments of US high technology that are Running, are only able to because slower paced older tech companies are still there providing support and a base of knowledge.. Or, at least that is the way it used to work..

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