Auto Deaths Surge 'Mysteriously'

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    Yahoo news. No link. So Solly!
    This sort of reminds me of the stir created by one female network talking head who was discussing the nearly simultaneous release of two separate but related sets of statistics. One: That the jails were bursting at the seams with inmates and Two: That rates of serious crime were down sharply. It was apparently one of the imponderables for this lass "Jails are full, but crime is down. How can that be?" The relationship was apparently elusive. Well, at least for some.
    Harking back to shortly after WWII, after the discovery of penicillin the drug companies went seriously to work at finding comparable compounds of similar usefulness. Eli Lilly and Company discovered the organism that elaborated the antibiotic cephalexin in the effluent being dumped into the Aegean Sea from a sewage outlet of a Greek City. Take a whiff of a full fresh prescription bottle of cephalexin the next time you pick one up. You'll see. Its not what you'd expect from a bottle of Lanvin. In the late 40's the scientists sat down and took a hard look at the death rates in the United States from infectious diseases and much to their surprise, deaths were up in spite of the plethora of new antibiotics they had added to their armamentarium. After much searching and investigating they found the culprit, Parke Davis antibiotic chloromycetin. The antibiotic was so good it killed almost every bacterium they threw it at. But all too often it killed the patient, too.
    Now think of all those nice new hybrids and those nice, new fuel efficient, and lightweight, automobiles all the manufacturers have brought to market under the new Cafe standards. Ford even announced today that its replacing the steel in its F150 with aluminum. Barry couldn't bankrupt em in 2008, but the new fuel standards likely will. The product they'll be forced to put out to meet the new standards will simply fail to measure up to the use they meet.
    The force involved in a moving object is given by the formula K=MV where K is the force M is the mass or loosely, weight, and V is the velocity. As you can see an object with a 1000 kg mass will exert a lot less force than an object with a 5,000 kg mass and will absorb a lot less force in a collision as well. Well thats one more thing we'll just have to get used to in this marvelous age of Obama, the gas mileage on the cars he's required is superb, but your lifespan driving them will be a Hell of a lot shorter.

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