ATHENA laser weapon 'kills' 5 'outlaws'

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    Some serious advantages with this technology on the battlefield.

    ATHENA laser weapon 'kills' 5 'outlaws'

    Silent, invisible, deadly. The powerful ATHENA laser weapon can destroy enemy threats within seconds. It just destroyed five Outlaw drones.

    For the United States, thanks to pioneering efforts of American companies like Lockheed Martin and the military, laser weapons are no longer the stuff of Star Wars and Star Trek.

    In near-term future battles, the U.S. military can choose to bring laser weapons mounted on vehicles, vessels, and more, to war. By comparison, the weapons of any enemy will look like bows and arrows.

    ATHENA, (Advanced Test High Energy Asset), is one of the most exciting of these new American laser weapons. During recent testing with the U.S. Army's Space and Missile Defense Command at the Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, the 30-kilowatt weapon slayed five Outlaw drones. Not toy hobby sized drones, but drones with nearly 11 foot wingspans.

    Scoreboard? 100 percent success.

    And just two years ago, Lockheed Martin proved that ATHENA could also take down a truck by burning through its hood and engine – and from a mile away.

    What are the advantages?

    There are many advantages to bringing laser weapons to war. One key advantage is unlimited bullets. As long as there is power, ATHENA would have an unlimited magazine.

    Another major advantage is speed. Laser weapons like ATHENA are lethal at the speed of light.

    They are also silent, invisible and deadly – three characteristics very handy for stealth and surprise in the battlespace.
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    New security measure. Cover the limo with highly polished mirrors.
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