CDZ At what point do you stop giving someone the benefit of the doubt?

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At what point do you stop giving someone the benefit of the doubt re: a given matter?

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  1. Upon finding that every factual, abstract and contextual element causing doubt has been eradicated

  2. Upon finding evidence the person has paltered in some material way about the matter in question

  3. Upon finding evidence the person has paltered in a minor way about the matter in questions

  4. Upon finding evidence the person has been materially wrong re: "facts" they cite

  5. Upon finding evidence the person has been materially wrong re: the context of something they cite

  6. Upon learning the person is often disingenuous, dissembling, paltering and/or prevaricating

  7. I don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt

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    I have no problem with your use of quotation marks: I use them a LOT and I think pretty much as you do. (And don't get me started on hyphens; or the difference between less and fewer.)

    No, "preferred" seems to be what was meant: I looked it up and it's a standard legal idiom, apparently. I thought I had seen it before.

    prefer charges

    Also found in: Idioms.
    See: accuse, arraign, book, charge, complain, impeach, implicate, incriminate, indict, involve, lodge, present, prosecute

    As for your footnotes, I am reminded that I was in a rather nice college when Kennedy was assassinated, and there was a commotion that we heard in chemistry class and a student burst in with the news --- and the prof, a chemistry professor this was, said immediately to us, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown," and I thought, even at that age, whatever my father is paying for this education, it's not enough.
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    Nifty anecdote. TY for sharing.

    As a father who finds himself at "one down, three to go" with regard to paying for my kids' educations, I don't know that I'll ever think that (LOL), but that's merely me thinking about the million-plus I've spent on their educations. Right now, I'm merely thankful they learned enough before college to seek, apply for and obtain a bit of merit-based scholarships (all private rather than school-sponsored), thereby ensuring that I will disburse less than I did for the final four years of their K-12 educations. LOL

    FWIW and tangentially, I was surprised to learn during my kid's college application processes that there are virtually no academic scholarship to be had from the most selective private colleges and universities themselves. It seems that such schools these days give only need-based scholarships. I don't know if that was the case when I and my siblings went to college; we didn't have much at all to do with the financing of our college careers. We applied (with our parents' guidance, of course), we informed Momma and Dad of where we decided to go, whereupon they asked for the financial documentation and that was about the last we heard of anything having to do with money and college. We were just thankful that we were allowed, unlike high school, allowed to choose the school we attended.​

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