A's sued over Mother's Day giveaway

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    Well hey now.. I'm a single mother so that must mean I'm a single father also. I'm running out to find me a sporten event that's giving away fathers day gifts, and when they don't give one to me, I'ma gonna sue.. I could see some big bucks here, or at least a reversible HAT.
    :teeth: :poke:
    By Chris Metinko
    A group of San Diego men denied free Mother's Day weekend giveaways at major league baseball games are suing some teams -- including the Oakland A's -- over their lost tote bags and reversible bucket hats. Alfred Rava, a San Diego attorney, filed suit in Alameda County Superior Court May 8 for sex discrimination against the Oakland A's after he did not receive a free plaid reversible bucket hat during a promotion at the A's game May 8, 2004.

    The suit, filed on behalf of all men who were denied the reversible hats, claims discrimination occurred because the hats were given to only to women. Rava also is suing the Macy's department stores, which sponsored the giveaway.

    An A's spokesman said the team does not comment on pending litigation.

    A similar suit was filed earlier this month in Orange County Superior Court. That lawsuit, filed by Michael Cohn, alleges males and fans under 18 were treated unequally when they were denied a red nylon tote bag during a Mother's Day promotion at a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball game last year. The bag was being given away to women over 18.

    Rava is Cohn's attorney in the lawsuit against the Angels, while Rava is represented by another San Diego-based attorney, Greg Cartwright, in the suit against the A's.

    Sex and age discrimination lawsuits are not new to Rava. Just last month, the San Diego Union Tribune reported Rava and another man, Steven Surrey, have filed more than 30 such lawsuits in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties against restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses that offer Ladies' Nights and similar discounts to a select group of people.

    In many of those lawsuits -- including the one against the A's -- Rava cites California's Unruh Civil Rights Act as the primary anti-discrimination law violated. Penalties for violating the law include the awarding of damages of $4,000 per violation.

    Some of the lawsuits have been settled out of court, while some have been thrown out, according to the paper.

    While the lawsuits may seem frivolous to some, it already may have produced some changes. This year, the first 25,000 fans, regardless of sex, will receive a free Mother's Day ladies tote bag at this Sunday's Angels game. (how lovely, a bunch of men at a baseball game with ladies tote bags)
    Originally, the giveaway was suppose to only go to women, but the Angels changed the promotion after the season began, said Angels spokesman Tim Mead. Mead refused to say whether Rava's complaints against the team initiated the change.

    If I were the A's, I'd of told them to go and have a baby, and then come back and see us... :D
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    Look at it this way---maybe you can get a free jock strap on Fathers' day ! :huh:
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