As Many GOP Candidates As Dot-Coms In The Bubble!

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    Apparently not only has Obama tanked in the polls, and not only have the Democrats tanked in the generic election polls, and not only has the GOP base become excited: Apparently they have all decided to run for elective office, pretty much all at the same time!

    Other than Meg Whitman, even some GOP candidates in California are reportedly running out of money, the one named Campbell is prominently mentioned. In California, Jerry Brown is now polling as the likely new Governor. Considering what Meg Whitman has already spent, no doubt California is figuring up the cost of just what Meg Whitman intends to get!

    With so many candidates from the party out of power, going up against incumbents: There arises the famous California "Mother's Milk," problem that all political parties have to deal with. Since that is about money, then the GOP fundraisers seem to think that their base is a bottomless pit. In California, millions see why, of course. In most races, "excited" would also seem to mean, "heavily into a confused state of mind!"

    You'd al most think things were really this bad(?)!

    More likely, however, this will simply be seen as the old California prosperity model, now applied nationwide. The real road to financial success has always been civil service, or elective office. The idea of keeping California Golden and Green is to send money!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (These people do advertise that they are on "Tea," after all: Just like in the Good Old Days!)
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