As Afghan War Escalates,Military Expert Predicts 300-500 U.S. Troops To be killed ,

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    As Afghan War Escalates, Military Expert Predicts 300-500 U.S. Troops To Be Killed or Wounded Per Month | World | AlterNet

    :( This is a real bitch!!!! Yet does this government honestly care?As long as the Oil keeps flowing in, and they can continue destroying the rest of Americas reputation, with the rest of the world, and their pockets keep getting fatter, what's one or two more of our troops death matter. HEY!!!!But-holes it matters a lot to those who have loved one there, and about to have them being deployed soon. Now i found out, that my second oldest son, will be shipping out, next month to Afghanistan, for his 3 tour of duty. I already lost one son back in 2004, in Iraq, in the Mess Hall bombing, and he was my youngest son.When will this ever stop and will those who have died, will their loved ones survive the loss. I am madder than a Hatter, cause i don't want to loose another son, in this illegal blood shed. I f i do, i will only have one son left.:(:mad:

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