Article: People declared brain-dead prove otherwise

Discussion in 'Politics' started by emilynghiem, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Brain Dead? Doctors Said Yes, Patients Proved Otherwise - Yahoo! News

    Gee, maybe there's hope for us liberal Democrats!
    ha ha

    at least the progressive ones like me, who apply the "pro-choice" concept consistently across the spectrum and not just to abortion, but recognize gun rights, death penalty, marriage laws, and beliefs about immigration, euthanisia/assisted suicide, and gay issues equally involve people's personal beliefs to which they are equally entitled to protection from infringement by government. I believe in making policies and decisions by CONSENSUS, by fully informed CONSENT of the governed, which is a very high standard of constitutionality. Takes so much brain power to reach a consensus, my brain is burning out. So maybe one day I will become one of the walking dead at this rate! Peace Out!

    Any other radical progressive liberals or Democrats out there?
    Am I the only one this extreme about what is Constitutional?
    That government policy and resources must represent the consent of the public,
    so all the mess we are seeing is from pushing political agenda and private interests without establishing a consensus in the first place. Anyone else agree on that? Helloo?
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    Yeah Emily...

    I'm probably Pro-Choice on EVERYTHING too --- but I'm a hard-working member of the Libertarian Party. You've got a heck of hard road to travel with your views in either mainstream party...

    BTW: Being pro-choice on everything doesn't mean that I condone all those things. It just means I fight to preserve the choice for everyone..

    I thought this was gonna be an "Onion" article..
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