Army Identifies Additional Draftees Still Serving

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    The 505
    WASHINGTON – When Command Sgt. Maj. Jeff Mellinger announced he was retiring from active duty, the Army thought it had lost its last Vietnam-era draftee.

    Turns out there were more.

    At least two other soldiers, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Ralph Rigby and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Franklin Ernst, also were drafted during that era and have continuously served on active duty.

    Rigby, 58, who was drafted in 1972 from Auburn, N.Y., is currently stationed in Kuwait. He said he has not had more than 10 consecutive months in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks because of war tours.

    He called the draft the "only lottery I came close to winning" and says he has no plans to retire yet.

    Army Identifies Additional Draftees Still Serving -


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